Would I guy say you're so hot during sex if he didin't mean it?

The guy I've been seeing told me im so hot during sex today. It made me feel great because j always feel like he's out of my league. Would he say that if he didin't mean it. He also told me to slow down and stop several times because he was gonna come.


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  • some guys say this just to keep the girl in case he wants more sex or he could mean it or whatever

    • He was having a hard time not cumming and kept telling me to stop. Could that mean anything?

    • you are thinking too much

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  • You're naked. And you're agreeing to have sex with him. Of course he'll find you sexy. It's a compliment. I agree though when my partner tells me that I do end up feeling pretty confident in myself.


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  • It's a compliment

  • Really, the only word for this is duh. Of course he meant it, but also you can be hot and not in his league.


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