Does he see me as girlfriend material?

He tells me that he has been thinking about me I don't know what he means though.. And he has introduced me to a lot of his friends and keeps inviting me to go out with them. We have gone on dates for the past two weeks and haven't had sex and he kisses me and holds my hand in public and takes me out to dinner

What do you think? The reason I ask is because when we first started dating we are constantly having sex and I wasn't sure if that's all he wanted


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  • wait you say you have not had sex, but then say you had a lot of sex at first?

    And if he is putting money and effort into seeing you outside the bedroom, it is most likely he sees you as dating potential.

    • We haven't had sex for the past two weeks but before that we were having sex after like every date

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    • The thing is he is moving away in a month for school...

    • Oh well then I don't think this is going to work... I know of some LDR that have worked in the past, but the only ones that go anywhere are ones that had a really strong starting point... like they were dating for year before hand.

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  • He's interested in being with you.


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