How fast is "too" fast to move physically in a relationship?

I don't really think that there's a timeline for physical stuff. However, I've been dating this guy for 2 and a half months now and things are progressing quickly. We kissed for the first time after 6 dates, so I don't think he's just after one thing. We have had heavy make-out sessions for the last month. I'm very attracted to him and he is to me. His kisses have been moving south (from lips to neck to chest) and he asked if he could suck on my breasts. I said yes, thinking he was just going to kiss the tops which he could reach with my shirt on. After a bit, he asked if I would take my shirt off. I wanted to, but was reluctant, so I said not now. What comes after the shirt goes off? What comes after touching and kissing topless? What are the next "steps"? I feel like it may lead to somewhere I'm not ready for. Also, we've only been dating a short time, so is it rushing it to have him take my shirt off? Advice?

Side note: He's a great guy and respects me. He asked multiple times if I was comfortable, we cuddled after we kissed, he'd look into my eyes and make sure I was okay.


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  • The only timeline is your comfort. Do what you are comfortable with, no more.

    Personally, I'm usually in bed with a guy by the 3rd date. That's my comfort zone. You just need to find yours.

  • It depends on both of you. If you feel like it is going too fast, you should inform him about that. Tell him what are your "no" areas.


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