I'm chronically depressed for life will I be able to have a girlfriend?

I'm really moody and depressed I take medicine but it only helps so much I go to theraphy for my self esteem issues. I read here all the time girls wouldn't waste their time on a depressed guy. but what about guys like me who are depressed because they have a life long condition? or should I just quit dating altogether?


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  • what life long condition?

    • Chronic depression

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    • I'm not saying that ALL the girls have the same mindset about your condition. But, it should not be the reason for them to be turned off. People have different perspective, but I'm sure that you will still find someone who will accept everything about YOU. :) Don't give up on finding the right one!

    • Whenever anyone says " Im. Sure you will findsoneone eventually" ironicallymakes mefeel I won't. Lol

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  • Clinical depression isn't a lifelong condition for most people. If you haven't yet found a treatment regimen which brings meaningful relief, then you've got to talk about this with your doctor (and consider getting additional opinions).

    Also it's not accurate that girls on GAG (or anywhere else) say negative things about guys with depression "all the time." The ones who would say such things are quite easy to disregard. There are a lot of open-minded people in the world who would not hold a medical condition against someone.

    What's guaranteed to turn off girls, though, is--being honest--the Eeyore attitude evidenced in your question, or other behaviors which are evocative of a pity party or defeatism. Those repel. So do what chicks actually like; it's only a matter of choice, and it's a choice that depression need not control. Good luck.

    • Actually my . Psych saidmy depression is chronic and that I will have it for life. Medication does help but I can't rely on it alone. Also I will. Have bouts of depression even while on medication cause I refuse to take high doses

    • I hear you. Let me just suggest that you consider obtaining a second opinion.

      There ARE women out there for you, though. Even with a lifelong condition. That's the bottom line. :)

      Good luck, man.

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