Have I scared him off?

i have been on 2 dates with this guy.. the first was more casual bit awkward, but the second was so good, we spoke about everything and we made out.. he did ask me to go back to his afterwards but i had work early in the morning so i could not. i messaged him later on the next day in the evening just to say thanks.. but like a day and a bit passed and he hadn't replied. then i stupidly listened to my friend and added him on fb (which i know was dumb.. i have since taken away the request).. i messaged him the next day just to see if he wants to hang out this week. i know i have come on too keen. and i haven't heard back from him. i usually play hard to get so well, i just have been a complete weirdo with this one. what are your thoughts? probably never hear back from him?
Please give me your opinions
Guys opinions please?


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  • He probably changed his mind.


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