Steroid use a turn off?

I just didn't have the best genetics and I lifted naturally for four years.. I started a small dosage of steroids and told my doctor so he can look out for possibleside effects. Honestly I look and feel great. I look like a professional athlete right now. Very aesthetic and lean. I love training and working out. I'm also educated and have a degree in mechanical engineering so no I'm not some stupid meat head.

Most guys on magazines for fashion and underware models are all on the juice. Its not just gross looking massive bodybuilders.
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Lol one guy says turn off.. should of posted this for girls only.


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  • I'm not okay with smoking and I'm not okay with people putting dangerous chemicals into their bodies for the sake of aesthetics. You are smart and that really does make this worse since you should know how to take care of yourself for the sorth and long term :c


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    I think you're a cheater. You aren't a true athlete. You're a loser. I hope you block me and have shrunken junk. If you do block me it just proves my point and you can't handle the truth lol. LMFAO!!!

    • I trained naturally for four years lol. I chose to work smarter because working harder doesn't always work. I don't get testicular atrophy by the way. Cheating? I'm not competing so how am I cheatimg?

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    • But Im not competing and bodybuilding isn't a talent sport.. it's a genetic sport. There's no hurdle.. you can't control it once you get a certain size you don't get any bigger no matter how great your diet is. Or how hard you train.

    • Yeah but the task is to stay fit. To stay in shape. Again you do what you want. In my mind that's not a athlete for sure though. Body builders really aren't athletes. I wouldn't compare myself to them if I were taking steroids for sure. Body building is just another version of a beauty pageant to me. Don't those ladies get fake breasts? Same difference.

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  • That's what happens when you don't put in a "results" option. Nothing wrong with it if makes you feel better. I'm sure you have weighed the pros and cons. But please don't be one of those who does it and says they aren't.

    • Completley open about it. I trained four years naturally and never got to where I wanted. Bodybuilding isn't just about hard work it's genetics lol.

    • Well, you can do bodybuilding and still look really good with the right exorcises and proper diet, whether or not you have bad genetics. But yea, juicing will take you a lot farther a lot faster. I would still not recommend it though. A friend of mine just had to stop because of liver damage after taking steroids for 1 year, his results are amazing, but he can't take it any more, which is messing with his gains and his head.

  • What do you mean a turn off? Don't brag about it! Your testicles might shrink. Like, to the size of grapes. Otherwise, you're not doing as bad as can be. So don't.

    You seem to ask the question because you still can't get chicks. If you're half-way in decent shape, women will notice. If you juice up to look even better, women will notice more. But they won't like grape size testicles.

    If it affects your junk, they will be turned off. If you're athletic and in shape, you don't need to do that stuff. If you decide to, it's rolling the dices

    Good luck.

  • How would they know since you are doing it correctly instead of shooting up a crap ton of it as long as you don't look too muscular then you should be alright

  • It's TURN OFF it's like cheating.


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