If an old friend suddenly asked you to meet up, would you think he is interested?

I decided to ask my high school friend from 7 years ago to meet up. I can't tell if she was just friendly or what but here's the jist. I told her we can only meet for an hour but it turned into about 5-6 hours. She ended up buying me food even when I refused. So I bought her food as well hours later but she refused. She was rubbing her feet on my lower legs for about 20 min. She had exams but she kept putting it off. Eventually I told her I can walk her back. We walked around her building for 30 min or so. She told me she didn't want long distance but she wants serious relationship and there aren't many tough men out here. (we live 1 hour 30 min apart but I travel there to visit my family some weekends). We clicked really well... but doesn't mean anything I guess. She said to message her when I'm back in town. I told her to do the same if she comes back to my city to see her parents. She got really excited. Could be that we're old friends. She told me she was surprised that I wanted to meet her too since she doesn't remember us hanging out together (we just had classes together). Ok... thanks for listening lol.
She also made a big deal to tell me that she ditched a guy for me. She must have repeated herself 5 times that she really wanted to meet up with me.
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What Girls Said 1

  • By her saying she doesn't want to be in a long distance relationship, she's already weighing if she wants to be with you.

    Sounds like she was flirting with you for 5-6hrs & neither one of you made a move. Wow! If you like her speak up, because it seems both of you are waiting on the other one to make a move.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd say it's obvious she's interested.


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