Meeting up with hot lesbian woman?

So, I met this girl online on a dating site and initially I wanted to make friends but I hit it off with her as we have so much in common and she wants to meet up. We are both the same age. she's beautiful, smart, interesting, independent has a job and knows what she wants in life.. I on the other hand dont have anything to offer. I dont have a job cause I'm looking after my grandma almost 24/7 which she doesn't know, I'm not really interesting as life is the same everyday, I wouldn't say I'm the best looking, I dont know what career I want to pursue... but the only thing I do is make music and play guitar.. but thats it. I dont want to start something with nothing but I really want to get to know her.. this will be my first time going on a date with a girl.


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  • You are actually devaluing yourself. You are looking after your grandma, which means you're a caring person. You make music and play guitar, which means you have a thing you're passionate about.
    Stop underestimating yourself and pursue her.


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