Ex texted me: "Hey, I'm back in your city". How do I move on?

I dated her for over six months. I really loved her. I love her. She really used me. Then she left. Now, she texted me. To let me know she was back in town.

Honestly, she's dynamite. I'm fire, she's gasoline. We have a great time together. She's the cayene peper that I need. So I know she's not that stable. She has that spice.

How do you just let that go? How do you... let her go?


Most Helpful Girl

  • U know she's bad for you. think of how u felt when she used u, and just think of whether she's worth u going through that again.

    • She's worth it. But I'm not sure I can go through that again. Thanks.

      She's really the spark to my fire. It's so hard when she can crank me so much.

      I know she is bad for me. I know she is bad for me. I can't go through that again. I'm... so.. stupid.

    • why is she worth it?

      dont beat yourself up. love can make us do stupid things. all u need to do is lay out ur thoughts in from of u and figure out what it is about her that can trap u. then u figure out how to avoid that.

Most Helpful Guy

  • First of all, stop this fucking "she's X, she's Y, she's my [insert bullfuckingshit]".

    Dude. Forget. Her. And move on. Ignore her and don't meet up.


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  • Don't tnext he back if u don't think it's meant to be or it won't work out there's no point in wasting ur time with her

    • I both wish it's meant to be, and that it could work out. I'm willing to take the chance to waste my time. I think I will be sucked in again, and be charlie browned again. I don't get why I'm attracted to problematic (spicy) women, and can't find any attraction to reasonable ones.

      I'm messed up. Sorry.

  • block her from texting you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Just ignore her. She doesn't care about being with you when it isn't fun. Look past the puppy love and see that she's bad for you.


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