How should I behave during this time?

I have been dating a guy for three months and we are exclusive and today he is going to hong kong for two weeks with his good friends, he spent the night at my place and left two hours ago to go home and pack. After he left i texted him wishing him a great trip.

So there is a big time difference.. i guess im afraid we loose contact.. so how to behave when he is gone?


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  • How to behave? I hope you don't mean with other men. If he has WiFi he can use things like Facebook and snapchat, etc. to message you. Just do what you would do on a normal day if you weren't with him haha


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  • Give him some time to hang out with his friends and sightsee. Don't expect or demand much attention during these 2weeks. Just chill and let him enjoy being a tourist without having to go on his phone all the time. Understand the situation and remember that he likes you regardless and you need to he confident enough to let him have his fun.

    • Thank you, this helped a lot, im thinking ill let him contact me, because i dont know what he is doiing so i dont want to be a naggy girlfriend and bother him and his guys.. im afraid that we will loose all the feelings for each other i guess :p

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  • Text wherever he is..


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