Girls, thoughts on a guy with a cute/handsome face but not so great body?

like with a bit of chub? not much though


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  • I'm about the face and good hygiene. Sometimes weight looks good on guys. My husband gains weight and losses weight yearly. Through high school he had a very fit body. Abs and all that. But when he graduated he didn't play sports anymore and didn't care to constantly keep up with it. I met him when he was at his chunkiest. When he sees how much he lets him self go he works out like mad and diets. But then he'll slack again. The point is I think he's sexy both ways. It's healthy to eat right and have regular exercise. But having some extra pounds shouldn't dissuade her from liking you. Otherwise that's overly shallow. She's not a very nice girl and you should look for better. I'm sure you're fine, hun. Confidence can make you a thousand times sexier. Be confident. =)

    • Yeah Im very much like your boyfriend. At one moment Im skinny and the next abit chubby and when I realize its too much, i Diet. Im comfortable either way I look! Thanks for answering!

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  • Some girls don't have a problem with bodies but others prefer a guy with some muscle on him and lean. I think they prefer this more than how your face looks actually.


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