Other than ruining a friendship if it doesn't work out, what are some cons in dating your best friend?

I asked about pros and cons on dating your best friend and everyone pretty much said the same con but it was the only con was wondering if there are anymore? And if you can think of more pros as well would be helpful so far people put pros you already know each other.


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  • Pros: I really like friendships that grow into something more. Sometimes when people meet and fall in "love" it's a combination of both people wanting a relationship so bad they forget that the "passionate love" (spark some call it) does run out within the first 8 months.. it then switches to "companionship" love which is the knitty gritty of relationships.
    - Given the two of you started platonically however... started off with "companionship love," that's the hard part.. the passionate love is the high on cocaine love which the two of you will experience if you do this.

    Cons: Well.. that's the part that you risk which is why it's the only thing anyone mentions. There's really no other cons because you lose that friend but:
    - You will also divide friendships, since the two of you already share a social group.. they will have to make accommodations for the two of you.


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  • It's easier to get bored and they know almost everything about you. Also, if you ever break up with him you may lose your circle of male friends.


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  • If you have friends in common, it puts them in a bind if you have an unpleasant break up.


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