I feel like his parents are disapproving of our relationship, how do we handle that?

My boyfriend and I are both 16 and we have been dating for about a year and a half.

I never planned on dating in high school since most of those relationships are just to say you have a boyfriend or whatever. But after awhile, one of my really good friends and I started to develop feelings for one another and we decided to give it a shot.

About three months into our relationship, I moved a little over 5 hours away. But neither of us would let that stop us. I still have family in his town, so I go back and visit whenever I get the chance. He has also come and visited a few times as well!

A few months ago, my family moved again (for the second time this year) and now we are only an hour away! We are both, of course, thrilled!

We are best friends. He knows me better than anyone, and I like to think that I know him really well, too;)

Recently his parents have been getting mad at him a lot. Complaining about how he spends too much time with me. Or that he is ALWAYS on his phone. And they both agreed that his world revolves around me too much.

The thing is, I find this to be HARDLY true or fair to say. Of course, I love him to pieces and want to spend as much time with him as possible, but we both do other things. We stay on top of our schoolwork and are both straight A students, he participates in a lot of sports and school activities, we both go to church. And of course we spend time with other friends and our families. He keeps up with the chores that his parents assign him. Etc.

So we do go long periods of time without talking, and we are fine. Sometimes we go weeks without seeing each other, and sometimes it is months. But whenever we ARE free and aren't doing anything else, of course we will text or talk on the phone to catch up. And whenever I am in town, of COURSE we want to spend as much time together as possible.

His parents apparently love me, but just don't seem to like how much time we spend together. Isn't that typical for couples to want to spend time together?

How do we handle that?

Whenever I am in town, his parents always are fine with us hanging out. We of course ask their permission, and they never have seemed to have a problem with it. Until after the fact, when they're in bad moods, and they take it all out on my boyfriend.
Also, he is their first born child, and he has dated other girls in the past, but none were serious by any means. So I am sure that this is a bit scary for them. It must be a big transition to see their son spending so much time with someone other than them, I suppose.


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  • You Both are Nearly 18 here, dear, so Never mind his parents, you both are young adults who have your own life going and flowing. You are no longer children.
    As long as life is koshore where you both are Not letting anything suffer, I feel they are being unfair.
    As far as their moods go, He needs to tell them to take a Chill Pill and accept the fact that he his not going to be living under their roof and thumb forever and that He.. Has a life.
    They are a bit nervous, I believe this could be true, that things are heating up as fast as they are and they are also perhaps giving it some food for thought as to his future and a future with You, whom, they are seeing he is serious with.
    Most likely as well they may have thought that his age that he would be this fickle pickle who would be Dating... Not mating, as in two birds of a feather.
    Good luck. xx

    • Maybe 17 this year and 18 the next year? xx

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    • No problem! Thank you for your advice, sorry it took me so long to reply I completely forgot. Things are going MUCH better with his parents now:)

    • Oh, no problem, sweetie, and happy to hear this, in time for the holidays... So welcome and so happy I could oblige. xxoo

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  • just try to both be responsible and hope for the best.


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