I think he's into me but should I ask if we're dating? Or wait for him to bring it up?

So during the summer a guy from my chem class last year messaged me on twitter saying he's had a crush on me for pretty much the whole year and didn't know how to talk to me. I find this hard believe as he's had a handful of girlfriends and im not exactly the coolest person. I had honestly liked him too so I gave him my # and we started talking. A couple days later he asked me to go to the movies with him. I agreed and he picked me up and met my parents and all that. When he dropped me off I said "I had a good time we should do it again." I don't really remember what he said but he texted me after saying that no words would come out of his mouth when I said that. He then texted me saying he had a dream about me but 'forgot he texted it'. The most recent time we hung out I texted him after saying I enjoyed his company and he replied "its honestly great being with you, im really into you" i said i felt the same. He texted me the next morning saying he had a dream about me (again) and that we should hang out on Friday. I said yes but im wondering whether or not to bring it up bc school is about to start and we dont have any classes together and he works on the weekends so im afraid we'll lose communication. We are both 16 but I dont want him to not talk to me once school starts. So what should I do? SORRY ITS SO LONG!!


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  • Your profile says you are 18-24. What's up with that?


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  • I think he is into you as well. You're probably on the dating phase.
    Ask him what he expects from you.


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