Girls, can't make friends or get a girlfriend? do I look like like a good guy friend or boyfriend?

I don't have any female friends (or many friends). I'm 18, and will go to CSUEB in the fall. I've talked to chicks before, but more as acquaintances. when I ask them to hang, I say "wanna hang out sometime in the summer" or you free anytime? I'm don't want to date, just a mere hangout (as a final way of seeing them before college). everytime I saw a girl, she had a tight clique, boyfriend, or was busy. I don't know what I do wrong. I'm nice and do talk to everyone (I'm shy, but won't shut up around a friend/nice person). I guess hs cliques affected my ability to make friends in high school (guys AND girls). I met a girl in beginning of year, and I asked her to hang in June, and she was initially open to it, but plans didn't fall through. is being nice a problem? do nice guys finish last? if I can't even make friends, how'd I go out with a social circle (guys AND girls), or get a frat formal date? I'm depressed and my grades tanked. I find it best to make friends in an open environment, but don't get invited to parties. how can i change this in college? I have a social circle of 5 guys and 1 girl, but we don't hang much due to summer classes/jobs/college. what can I do? don't say be more social or be nice.
my hobbies include video games and movies. clubs for both activities were in my hs, but they were small, had their own cliques (didn't want to meet others), and had more guys than girls. Would new hobbies help, like martial arts, learning Japanese? what are social hobbies? Shy can't I make friends or get a girlfriend? Are looks an issue? I don't smoke or drink, but based on my hobbies, am I a boring person? I'm shy, Indian, 5" 8, 160 lb. I don't shut up around friends or people I know well. am I too fat or short or is race an issue? and I take peer pressure easily, and have been bullied. not too physically strong nor muscular nor funny (may make a small joke). nor really competitive (if another guy talks to you, I may let him have you). I am quite of a pushover.


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  • You'll find someone.


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