I'm too honest or too nice... I want to know how to play men a bit... help?

While I think I'm too old to play games, I think I'm too honest and don't play hard to get. If I like someone, I usually show it.

Is there anything I should do? Any tricks? Not being too available? Not texting too much?


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  • Don't change a thing.
    Your kind is in short supply... and you're not getting any younger.
    Why do you want to play men?
    I sense there's more to this than the headline leads on.

    • what do you sense?

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    • what is "too early"?

    • Hahaha... hell if I know :-D
      First date is definitely out of the question.
      I don't know, a month... two months.
      Hard for me to determine really... I could go for several months without being bothered, it's not that big a deal to me. Some guys would go nuts within a couple of weeks.

      It also depends on the guy, and the effort he puts in doing stuff, while NOT fucking you, right?
      I think you'll just have to wing it, and add a few more weeks than usual to do other stuff.

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  • The chase is possibly one of the most enjoyable stages in a relationship for both men and women. It builds up anticipation, sexual tension and is almost like a game. If you *mildly* reject a guy, it will make him want you all the more. He'll be more determined to get that forbidden apple. The woman will also feel more playful and wanted.

    Now, if you put yourself out there for anyone to grab, it's a bit of a turnoff. Text him every once in a while, just to let him know that he's on his mind. Don't text him all day long though, you'll seem too clingy and talking can even get boring in the future as you would've already drained all the best topics. Now, you don't want to sit at the date in an awkward silence, right?

    I know this sounds a bit silly, especially for your age. But heck, you only live once, might as well make the best out of the life you're given and enjoy it!


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  • Not texting too much sure is good. I don't like to be texting the whole day


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  • I don't think being honest and sharing your feelings is a bad idea. Just watch how fast you jump into bed with them. That's where I think "Playing hard to get" is the most important.

  • Being too honest or too nice may not get you a lot of boyfriends... but it sure will get you the right one

    Nice people need to have their limits too, so set boundaries and don't allow anyone to cross them. Maybe hold back how you feel until you know a guy will appreciate your feelings for him.

  • This is a slippery slope, because if you try to not seem too available, then you risk seeming uninterested/cold and they lose interest. It's a very delicate balance to keep them interested.

    Here's my advice. Rather than playing hot and cold, instead keep a steady lukewarm energy towards him. Be friendly, but not terribly impressed. Know what I mean?

    And once you get the guy, be sure to drop the game. The right guy won't stop putting in effort just because he has you.

  • NO. Only betas like to be mistreated... Alphas will not stick around for such bs. JSSSSS BIIICCHHH

    • explain more :P And I don't need to have a super hot guy. Just someone I feel attracted to enough so we can have sex and someone I like to be with.

    • No no... go away now...

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