If a guy is rejecting you, will he say he's not looking for a relationship or that he JUST wants to be friends or that he has a girlfriend?

Will he make it CLEAR that he doesn't want you in his life?

basically this guy was kind of unclear about something when he was talking to me about relationships, so I'm just wondering will guys use one of those three if they aren't interested.

also, if he wants the girl in his life but wants to test her out, which would he be most likely to use?

and if he wants the girl completely out which would he be most like to use?
Update: in a nutshell what I'm trying to say is, are guys MORE likely to be clear that thy aren't interested?


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  • I would make it clear. Some feel too compassionate about hurting a girls feelings if they're not attracted to her so they might skip around the reason why.

    • Would Most guys make it clear

    • Just based on the men are more straightforward stereotype

    • I couldn't tell you that. That stereotype is highly fallacious though.

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  • they use all of those.


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  • Let's just be friends if he wants to scope you out, if he's not interested and you won't find out otherwise the girlfriend excuse is the best.

  • Most mature guys would just tell you try are not interested.


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