Have you ever gave the second chance?

Have you ever gave the second chance to anyone?
I did yesterday, I am crying now madly... I wish i never did :) dont ever attempt to do that anyone :'( Never... I will never give this anyone anymore :'( I have to write this and i made myself anon by the thinking maybe she can see...


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  • i do but if i think they worth the second chance

    • Believe me i never do that again :(

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  • i never have.


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  • i did, but i hardly ever do this.
    And sometimes i pretend to give second chance, but i actually dont.

    • I guess this is more logical; someone dont deserve anything really...

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    • usually, not always, i have some rules, which are very strict. if it's broken by anyone, my logic is beyond my feelings. So, i dont react well, i dont behave well!!

    • and maybe that's why im all along!! :D LOL

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