How fast is too fast?

We started talking on Tinder August 1st. We had our first date August 7th. Since then we have had a total of 3 dates.

Am I moving too fast if I want to talk to her about a relationship on our next date... which will be on Monday the 17th?



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  • I think you could say things that could hint to her that you are open to more and really like her. But it is possible that is a bit too fast to ask her to be a couple. It's only been 3 dates. When you start spending many entire days together and you form a comfortableness with each other that's when it's the right time to make her officially yours.

    • Ok. She's come straight out and said "I really like you"... twice. and So have I. We have a good connection. And we can't necessarily spend entire days together bc of our work and school...

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    • Very helpful thank you.

    • Yepper pepper. =)

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