IS it bad to like a guy 6 years older than you?

So I'm in high school and I met this guy at a bowling alley. He is really shy and sweet but he's 6 years older than me which means it would be illegal to date. Should I wait to pursue and keep in touch or just forget about it? And even if I wasn't underaged, is it still weird to date someone older than you by 6 years?


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What Guys Said 1

  • it turned out good for me while it lasted

    • addition- i did -7 and +12 and would go higher so yes you would be like an ex of mine =) just make sure he's decent

    • He's a very genuin guy, thank you!

    • it may or may not work but if you both put the work in... there's a chance. they say opposites attract but common interests are much more important, a little difference is great too but you have to be open and communicate and get to know each other and if you are going to accept the challenge, i wish you the best =)

      then totally make an account and tell me all about it too!

What Girls Said 1

  • 6 years is a pretty big gap that is hard to manage. If you find someone closer to your age, you will be able to relate to them better and have similar experiences and feelings.


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