Why would a guy like another girl if he has a girlfriend?

This guy has a girlfriend but he's always looking at me and he's always around me I have caught him looking at me he either looks away quickly or stays making eye contact not to mention he stays by keeping an eye I notice he stays behind me and when I look back he turns and leaves he has try to jump in my conversations with other people but I avoid him at all cost and he sees the I call people ma'am so that's how he called me one day when I waited for the door to open.


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  • Girls do this exact same thing. I think it has to do with nature. I mean we get a girlfriend or boyfriend and we are supposed to now all of a sudden cut our nature off? Sure not having sex with other people is one thing but not even look at other people we see as attractive? That to me is a very very large task. I say don't worry about it.

    • So he's always looking at me and keeping an eye on me and trying to talk to me because it's fun for him?

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    • He has tried to talk to me but I always walk away or ignore him and this is usually when he tries to jump in my conversations with peopke we know in common he always makes sure I know he's there and God forbid I talk to another guy today he saw me talking a guy and he didn't take he's off of us the whole time and even after that he decided to go and we always run into each other of course and he tries to run into me twice in less than 2 seconds I move to one side so does he.

    • Okay.

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  • Maybe they're having fights or you're more interesting


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  • Because people are emotionally unstable.


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