Guys, Is he interested?

Alright so this neighbor of mine I guess has been observing me and according to his mother he is extremely shy and likes me. Mind you he is 30. Anyways, his mom told my mother. Him and I have actually both met here and there just been having more short convos. And the most weird thing of all is that without us even knowing, our errand runs tend to be the same. For instance, I went to target, I catch him at target and then later I see that his truck is at Macy's and I have to do an erran at Macy's...0.0 in my head I'm thinking is this god connecting our paths? ANYWAYS, one day I went to work and my mom ends up telling me that he wants to take me out and gives me his number. I text he doesn't reply. I find him outside and speak to him he said he got my text and that he would take me out sometime, but he did seem intoxicated, so I understood as to why he didn't reply back. We still talk here and there when we see each other. However we don't text or call eachother.

Sooooo I don't know mixed signals maybe? Not ready for dating? I don't know


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  • He's not ready for dating. Don't hold your breath.

  • 30 year olds can still be shy. It's normal. Girls have done me the same way. Maybe it's just not the right time.

    • Yea I figure everyone is different but maybe maturity level is more advanced? I don't know lol anyway maybe or both my fam is his are putting too much pressure? I guess I'm trying to see if I should be the aggressor or just wait and let him decide

    • I say let him decide.

    • Alright thanks (:

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