Haven't heard from him for a day. is he taking me for granted? or just a normal pull back and come back for more thing?

We've been dating for 2 months and are exclusive, we decided to leave bf/gf title for now as we want to wait until infatuation wears off within first 3 to 6 months.

We see each other about 3 to 4 times a week. His communication is constant with text and emails. Only 2 days ago I initiated video call as we were both typing so why not?

The next day he actualy called me for a small chat, same night I video call him and we talked about our plans for next day and also planned to our weekend.

However I haven't heard from him today, is that because calling is a new level and he is now thinking about that? or is he taking me for granted? What should I do?


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  • He is just busy or occupied. He sounds into you and makes plans which is pretty much amazing. Don't doubt it. Be patient. He will reply.

    • I actually haven't text him anything so I guess he feels like nothing to reply. He kinda make plans to see me. We just know we were going to see each other on the weekend. I roughly know what time is he coming to pick me up but dunno where we going yet. I guess he is taking me out on dinner date.

      Since we became exclusive he gives me a tooth brush to leave at his place. Now he also let me leave stuff at his place. He also took me to watch his sports game so his team mates knows we are seeing each other.

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    • @Asker

      I'm glad you got your response :) he likes you so be happy and enjoy every minute :)

    • Thanks I will :)

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    Don't revolve your life around him , do something yourself , have fun!

    "we decided to leave bf/gf title for now as we want to wait until infatuation wears off within first 3 to 6 months."


    • I'm doing my own thing, he knows I'm busy. however when I don't hear from him I'm taking it as a sign he is taking me for gratned. I don't know how to punish him..

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    • @Illusive_Man

      ''I don't know how to punish him.. ''

      But.. what... huh..

    • @ELGRECO
      There really isn't anything left to be said is there?
      It is what it is.

  • You should relax..
    Thinking way too much into this

    • Haven't heard from him for a day is not a good sign isn't it? He occasioannly withdraw but would get in touch by later in the afternoon telling me he's been busy. Second time i reached out asking if he is ok.
      This time I'm not reaching out...

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    • Does that change depending on the how long you've been dating?

    • I want to shoot myself in the head now...
      There is a million variables...
      Google Corey Wayne Relationships
      Smartest thing I ever did years ago

  • You should stop panicking first off all.
    Second, could be anything.

    • No one likes to be taken for granted... when he is out with his friends he usually still text me.. even when he is drunk..

  • Communicating everyday for 2 months is pretty good for most guys. He is dating you exclusively for a reason. Don't panic as other guys said it could be anything. If you have already talked about your plans for today he might see no reason to contact again.

    You can let him know how you feel when you see him but I think he is into you. You have nothing to worry about


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