Does anyone use WhatsApp?

So i uninstalled the app and before i did that i had written to my boyfriend, just saying good morning, he is in china and the doubble blue marks appeared, and the last seen was from last night, and than i turned , my phone on and off and than what i had written last had disappeared... what? anyone familiar?


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  • If you uninstall the app you also delete your conversations. They are saved locally on your phone, not on their servers.

    • but all the conv were there again nothing but that last message got deleted

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    • If you got the two blue check marks he recieved it and read it.

    • ya and now the entire message is gone

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  • I don't use that shit.


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  • Nope.
    It start charging ye moneiz after a year.
    WhatsApp has turned evil.

    Also , "disappeared" maybe it just disappeared on your phone cos the cache memory was cleared or something I don't know but maybe it's still on his.

    • It doesn't actually charge you. That feature exists because the initial plan was to make it a paid service, but after a year you just get a popup saying you can use it for another year. I know noone that has actually ever had to pay for this.

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    • data , I meant data

    • Ah yeah that makes sense. Texting rates are fairly ridiculous here and data is relatively cheap, so I'm sure that helps.

  • cause you dint save the chat messages... the app does auto save everyday at 4am but if you want can save the chats anytime you want, which you dint do

    • the messages are all there expect the last one I sent

    • wow this is something new, google your issue, might find something

  • I know you can deleted messages, but do they get deleted for the other person as well? No idea.


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