Guys, I hurt a mans feelings and he seems to hate me.. how do I fix it?

Hey fellas! Ok so im not sure how to fix this situation. I hurt my guys feelings in something i said and he hasn't spoke to me in about 2 days.. any suggestions on what a lady could do? We aren't children. He is 30.


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  • You did apologized and tried to make it up to him yes?

    • I did... he won't respond

    • That's all you can do. Now give him time to get over whatever things are going on between you two and if he doesn't, at least you tried

  • You don't :)

    • Why not?

    • Because odds are, you did terminal damage. Just read your other comment. Sounds pretty "over" to me.

      What did you do?

    • Told him i needed some space and he was rather upset with me.

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