Date night ideas for 3 year anniversary in San Francisco?

(22 years old) This coming weekend will be my girlfriend and my 3 year anniversary. We live close to San Francisco and I want to have an evening full of activities planned for her. I was thinking something along the lines of Urban Putt (mini golf + drinking), then a wine bar, and then a nice dinner somewhere. I am open to any suggestions from anyone who has had success with epic evenings with a significant other in San Francisco.

Please let me know what activities, bars, clubs and restaurants are worth looking into to create a very fun night. Ideally the date night would go from early evening until late.

**Those of you who dont live in San Francisco, I am still open to ideas


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  • Just wanted to say your girlfriend is very lucky to have a man like you!
    Not so often do men do these things anymore!


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  • After the mini golf you could go to The View Lounge nice view of the whole city from there (before dark). We don't do the nice dinners when we go. Mostly the seafood restaurants or we go to the pier which doesn't really fit nice ones.


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