Would a guy who is a few months out of a LTR (6 years) want to get involved in a serious relationship quickly?

So, I met a guy and we hit things off quickly chemistry-wise. Then I find out that he (29 years old) was in a relationship for 6 years with a girl who was 8 years younger than him (they started dating when he was 23, and she was 15... wow doing the math that's weird...). He said that things were emotionally dead for the final couple years of the relationship, and she ended things, but nevertheless he stayed out of "comfort."

Well, within the SAME NIGHT that we MET for the 1st time, he said that he thinks I could be "the one." I woke up the next day to see that he Facebook girlfriended me; He now constantly texts and calls and tells me that he loves me, and says that he wants to be with me forever. AND he has visited me twice this week since Sunday, made dinner, brought groceries, cleaned my kitchen and bathroom... and then freaked out last night when he plugged my phone in the charger after I had fallen asleep (while he was making dinner - it was late), and he saw a little Tinder message notification icon on my phone (I had been talking with guys before we met 4 days ago, and had gotten a message). He and I met on Tinder, by the way

WTF is going on? He was demanding to know why (after 4 days) I had a hard time believing he wants to be with me forever, and demanding to know if I love him. He's also a freak about knowing how many people I've slept with.
Oh, also, he was crying too when I questioned why he was moving so quickly (literal tears)... saying that he has never felt this way about anyone, and he wants me to feel the same way
Other update: he repeatedly has brought me flowers, and took the time to buy me spark plugs one morning when my car wasn't starting...


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  • Stay away. You are about to get in a crazy relationship, not only he is controlling and insecure, but the fact that he checked your phone and demanded and explanation is a huge RED flag. Check out the previews for the new movie "the Perfect guy"

    • Thank you for your response - I forgot to mention, he also demanded (at 3 am) to watch me delete Tinder from my phone.

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    • And he just texted me again saying that he thinks I'm his "one true love... so bottom line you're saying this isn't normal? I love passionate people and can fall for someone quickly... but this feels fast

    • This is beyond normal, his behavior is from someone who's psychologically unstable and can turn dangerous, which is what I'm trying to tell you, he wants to own you and control you. Because he knows you love Passionate people he's telling you what you want to hear in order to manipulate you.

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  • No, he wants some ass

    • You think that even after reading through my post? Actually, as I'm typing this he literally just texted me again that he loves me.

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    • He may be trying to subconsciously fill the void that his last girlfriend left

    • Fascinating... thanks for your opinion :)

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