What's wrong with me?

I think I'm not only human being with this problem, but it really bothers me.
Straight away, I'm afraid to date guys, I have no idea why. I'm 17 years old and I never had sex, neither a boyfriend. One of my best friends gets always the attention of guys and she has been dating some really hot guys recently, but I have no idea what's wrong with me. I only get the attention of elder guys, like over 40. And I understand really good with them, I communicate with them really well. No pressure nothing, but when it's about guys at my age or even a little bit elder it's over. I simply can't meet up with them it seems like something won't let me. It's really annoying and frustrating when I see my friend dating hot guys and stuff, but I can't. I'm really insecure, I start to doubt that I ever can get a man like. Even my friends and family tell me that I'm beautiful, and a great person. I'm not skinny, but I'm also not fat, I have a little bit more weight on yes, and I start to think that's about that, I don't know what to do, can somebody give me any advice or tips or anything?


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  • You probably get too nervous and this blocks your communication. Don't be. Well, it's normal to be a little nervous, but if you let it take control of you, then you'll get nothing. Think that the fears and insecurities you have guys have too, think that if you never try to do anything about it you'll regret later for not having done anything.

    Let things happen, talk, be nice, smile... start doing it even if you don't know what you're doing. In the end, you'll see that it's not as bad and/or as complicated as is seems to be.

    • Exactly that's it. I have had some really bad expierences with men in my childhood. I think that's the biggest problem I have.

    • Childhood bad experiences really affect us, but we can always get over them. Think that what happened in the past doesn't always happen, face your fears, defeat them. It'll be the best for you ;)

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  • Well, as long as you have a nice personality I don't think you should worry about your body, I don't think that's the problem. If you attract older guys, maybe that means that you are very mature and guys at your age think that then couldn't have a nice conversation with you because you are more mature than them... ? maybe, I don't know. I don't think you should worry about having a boyfriend, all my friends have boyfriends and I'm single, nothing that bothers me really, they fight all the time and I think I'm better if I'm single, life is too short for drama. Enjoy your youth, love yourself and then you'll be ready to love others.
    Have conversations with older people, you can learn a lot from them :)

    • I thank you so so much really. But I can't explain why. I really understand really good with elder people, even their humor seem to be what i like. Can't explain why. But thanks a lot

    • No hurries than :) Learn as much as you can from them :)

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  • You have to be more open, I find that it's a turn off when a girl that I like is insecure.

    • I don't really show it, my friends say that I'm the open mindest person they have ever met. But let's say, it's my secret. If I tell my friends that I'm insecure they laugh because around them I don't act like that, around them I am who I am and they can't imagine that I'm that kind of girl.

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