Why would he come up to my friend?

Last year, I was dating this guy for about 4 months when he pretty much decided to "ghost" me one day. This summer I ran into him at the bar a couple times the first time we had an awakard convo the rest he barely even talked to me but his friends always came up to me to say hi.

So last night my best friend was at a bar and she said she saw him there ( they only met once briefly) he came up to her and said she looked fimilar and goes your *my full names* friend and goes I met you with her that one time and she goes oh yea and kept it short.

I don't understand the point of him coming up to my friend when he doesn't even know her? I know his friends say hi to me but I pretty much hung out with them the whole summer so its a little different. It just upsets me cause he can't even talk to me yet he can come up to my friend and bring my name up!


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  • He likes you.


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