Does it seem like she's still interested in me?

For reference me and the girl I'm interested in are both sophomores in High School.

Long story short she liked me and I liked her but I didn't know she liked me. I made her feel rejected by walking away during a conversation she started due to my own confusion. Then I only learned she had been interested in May when my mom and her aunt talked about us.

I started talking to her again back in July around her birthday after I told her happy birthday. I wouldn't have done anything further but she texted the day after sending a picture of her schedule and asking if we have any classes together. We texted for a few days after and the enthusiasm that had been there when we'd first started talking seemed to be back. We really haven't talked much since mid-July though since there were summer reading projects and I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

Now school has started again and I keep catching her looking at me in various situations. Also when I'm around she seems kind of nervous and strokes/plays with her hair a lot.

Could it be possible that she's still interested in me?


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  • Yeah it's very much possible, especially if she keeps stealing glances at you!

    • Thing is I don't want to misinterpret it and I don't know how long it takes interest to wear off. I know she was interested back in April or so.

    • It doesn't go away all that quickly unless you did something major to fuck that up. I had a crush on a guy for about 3 years so hey, you never know. Joke around with her, drop some hints and see how she replies.

    • Yeah, in short we talked a lot over Spring Break via text. Then a week or so after we came back she asked if I was going to a spring social our school was having, I said I was gonna go unless I got sick or something. With my luck I got sick two days before the dance. She told me to get better and stuff. I fucked up when I came back to school, she asked me if I was feeling any better and I said yes then promptly walked away due to a combination of awkwardness and me thinking the conversation was over.

      She joked about it that night but in retrospect she was probably hurt and trying to shrug it off. We didn't talk for like two weeks until she apologized for taking so long to respond saying she got a new phone and was studying for finals.

      That's basically the entire story and looking back it's not really short.

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