Would a jock looking nerdy guy be a good look?

I'm 22 and I'm starting undergrad software engineering and working part time IT with geeksquad bestbuy. Pays me 16$/hr so it's decent college money. I'm a nerd I guess but most girls don't seem to be interested in me because of it. I started working out got into bodybuilding and I've seen a lot of results but I've been very very modest with the way I dress. (baggy clothes) I want to walk in one day and where something that is actually fitted and have girls notice me finally. I have gained 13 lbs of muscle in the matter of a year. I know if I keep going I'm going to look like a stud. Would you date someone like me? I'm not looking to get into a relationship.. I've done that and hated it. Honestly I just want to pick up as many girls and have as much sex as I possibly can. Would this be a good look?


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  • i dont think so.


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