Need some advice on... what should I do?

Coworker and I were set up on a date about a month ago and we were going to go on the date but he had to reschedule well before he reschedule him and his ex decided to give it another try. I had accepted it and I was going to move on but the next day he came back and said things weren't working out with his ex so we rescheduled our first date. Our first date was fun and exciting. Because of work and since both of us just got out of a relationship I told him that we could go out on a couple dates over a couple weeks and see if we wanted to become exclusive or not and if he was going to go be with someone else tell me. Well I woke up one morning to discover on facebook he was "in a relationship" with another coworker. I was very upset and just felt like I was played so I tried to cut him off but he still wanted to be friends and didn't want to stop talking to me at all. I gave him a shot and for my birthday he spent over at my house and we kept it secret from everyone well a couple days after my birthday the girl/coworker he was dating decided she didn't want to date him. Well we haven't really talked about dating right now and I don't know if I should. He doesn't seem all that interested and says he's just tired.
I feel like he's just playing me and that I should just move on but I'm not sure.


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  • you should move on.


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