Girls, on an online dating site, if you are full figured and post pictures of your entire body, is it bad if I say 'i love your figure' ?


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  • Well automatically she will think you only like her body if you start talking to her.
    I hate this in real life. Guys would say they like me even though I had never spoken to them or met them.
    That means you just think I'm pretty. I have no opinion of them because I don't know them so I feel like I'm rushed to decide if I "like" them or not when they've already made up their mind.

    Compliment her on her profile bio. See if you have common INTERESTS. Not that you think she's bangable.

    • just because i say that i like your figure, doesn't mean that i dont like you as a person... i dont think im obligated to like just one of the other! but sadly i get what you are saying, thats why i even asked this in the first place, but honestly, i really dont get it!
      but yeah... thanks a lot for your opinion:) i wanted to hear this side

    • That's like saying a woman should enjoy when men catcall and say "nice tits"
      It's a dating site to find a match, someone you can enjoy being with. But you just comment on her body.

    • yeah... i def see your pov

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  • They're kinda expecting you to compliment them like that...

    And yeah it's better than saying "I love you".

  • Definitely not, it's a compliment!

    • thanks for your opinion!

  • not at all!


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