Is it wrong that I am very upset at a guy who moved?

So i've been dating a guy for a year we did have a relationship. We didn't really have a label cause he had commitment issues and was afraid to get into a relationship but we werent seeing other people and saw eachother every weekend and he called me his girlfriend a few times. He introduced me to all his friends and we went on trips together. Then out of nowhere he tells me he might move soon. Move for no real reason just says he has friends there and he likes to travel. After he told me that i told him we can't hangout anymore because he's moving. He sorta agreed with me and the nwe didn't talk for two weeks. Then he texted me that he misses me and we hungout again because i really missed him and. He moved this month and before he moved he did text me and told me how great i am and he's glad that we got to spend time together and did want to see me but i have ignored him and after i ignored he texted again and i still ignored. I'm just really hurt that he just left for no real reason. I feel so lead on. Is it wrong that i am upset and that i am ignoring him and going no contact? I just can't talk to him at this time because i have feelings for him and i'll just feel more hurt if i talk to him. I can't be his friend:(


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  • You can't be mad at someone for moving. That doesn't make any sense


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