Girls, 18-26, do white girls find shaved bald heads more unappealing than other races?

Now let me start out by saying I don't want this taken at all against any race or anything of the sort, it's just I'm a 20 year old white guy who awhile back developed a condition that caused hair to vastly thin so I have to shave it bald now, and awhile back I asked a featured question if girls could find a bald guy attractive young. Since then in actual experience it seems that I've been approached far more by black and Indian girls than ever before and white girls seem to always mock or avoid me from the lack of hair even saying that's why. Now this is problematic because I've never been attracted to girls of a different race. Again I don't want this taken as an affront just things I've noticed about myself, it's not a fully conscious thing really, heck I don't even find Beyoncé attractive personally. So I'm a bit concerned that my target audience so to speak is very against it, for that reason and out of curiosity to see if different races really do differ in what they find attractive I'd take a poll. Thanks for your time
  • I'm a white/Caucasian girl and could date a bald guy
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  • I'm a white/Caucasian girl and find bald a turn off this young
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  • I'm of a different ethnicity and could date a bald guy
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  • I'm of a different ethnicity and find baldness a turn off this young
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There no treatment for the list hair either before anyone says anything about that
We'll looks like I was right about white girls caring a lot, looks like I'm pretty much alone AF at least you guys were honest
Ill chalk the fact you blocked comments up to your own immaturity @Minxxie


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  • While I personally would rather date someone with hair, I don't think baldness makes you unattractive. I've always like dudes with longer hair, but if I met someone I really clicked with that was bald, it wouldn't stop me.


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  • I have no problems dating a bald guy, I had a huge crush on my English teacher and he's a bald man. He's very sexy. As long as I find everything else attractive, I don't see why hair is such a big deal. John Travolta drives me crazy with this look <3 :

    I love how badass he looks XD

    • Would you say the only way a guy can pull it off is if he is the badass look though? Cause I look decent with it but not at all like a badass

    • Naaah, of course not. My English teacher is gay and bald, from 1 to badass, he's such a pussy.
      Hair doesn't mean too much for me. I like it on my head tho

  • God this is so tiresome.

    • I've seen the other posts and I get why, looks so very much matter and we want an attractive partner, truth is (as poll indicates) girls don't like bald and typically avoid it and mock it, so even though I take care of myself and am very serious about relationships how is it right that I should be relegated to plain/overweight girls from a genetic condition I can't control? We need to find out partner attrwctive and most decently attractive girls at 18-20 (my age mind you) completely scoff at just the idea, and I won't accept having to settle on this, my standards are set. (Don't take my words as all girls hating it but most do)

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    • Yes, you will be alone, because every time someone says something to you, you write the Great American Novel about how they're wrong. Eventually, people will stop bothering with you. Like me. Buh bye. Have a magical day.

    • Feining respectfulness. exe succesful

  • not my thing, I need some hair to pull ;P

    • As long as you are not the kind of girl who calls guys shallow for basing on looks I can see your point. I personally would never date a girl who was even a little pudgy its repelling to most guys, only difference those girls can get off lazy asses, wheras besides wigs a man can't do anything about hairloss so it's not exactly fair to just say not your thing when it's not by choice

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    • no the issue is that you are obsessing over this whole thing give it a break

    • You care so much what random people online think that you have to sit there and write a long ass paragraph every time. Chill I said what I wanted to say, you missed the point. I'm over it I don't want your novels.

  • Bald heads are a turn off for me, sorry.

    • We all have a dealbreaker, just as I could never date a girl who wasn't slender/great face, I understand. However still show bald some respect, most unattractive traits like weight something can be done about, there is no cure for hairloss and 'treatments' slow it hardly at all and cause hormonal issues. There's not much a bald man can do, and we shouldn't have to lower out standards on what we want for that

    • You wanted an honest opinion, and then you attack me for giving it? C'mon dude! Where did I disrespect bald people? I respect them, I just REALLY love hair. I'm not attracted to most bald people, and in my opinion a person shouldn't date someone s/he isn't attracted to.

    • I didn't mean it as though a reprimand, just asking you to realize there isn't much a man can do, its untreatable, wheras fat girls (which are often compared too as bald equivalent as most girls are turned off by bald and most guys turned of by heavy weight) could lose weight and other groups with physical affliction can treat it.

      I get that we need physical attraction, I wouldn't date a girl I didn't think was a 7 at least and figure most do the same (I don't agree entirely with ratings but it's the easier way to show standards via text) just seems like bald guys are expected to get less, and that's not fair.

      And you probably wouldn't have liked me anyway since when I did have hair it was short since I came up in a military family and guys with long hair or who spent time gelling it etc are considered juvenile haha so I didn't mean that last comment personally really, just saying I should be able to keep standars too even sans hair.

  • Some guys can pull it off... most can't.


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