Do you think the term "dating" is used loosely these times?

I mean certainly times changes and what dating means in the past does not mean the same today, so if hat is thcase why people still use the term dating when in todays love relationship dating is not even what it meant in the past.


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  • I think people are making things more difficult than it has to be when it comes to dating & labels.

    If you're courting/dating, you're going on dates in hope this will evolve into a relationship

    If you're hooking up, you're having sex without any hopes of a relationship developing from this

    It's pretty much that simple.

    The confusion of which category you're in comes from people lying & manipulating the other person to fulfill their own selfish needs.

    • But soem guys date also with sex involved and they are not hooking up

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    • So what is your point?

    • Maybe you can use the term seeing instead of dating or hooking up, when you really dont know ihow things will develop in the future.

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