Did I just come up with the best line ever?

This thought just came into my head after some thinking.

see, all guys who fail with attracting women comes down to one thing: you think you are not good enough.
you self-doubt yourself to death, telling yourself you ain't good enough this way or that for her.

well, turns there is a simple way to kill that doubt: Ask Her!
like, whatever you think is not good enough of yourself that you THINK is turning her away, just ask her!
And the key is you have to ask this in a negative but funny, self deprecating way, so like:

"Do you feel sick when you talk to nerds?"
"Have you ever seen anyone with a worse nose than me?"
"Do you think all guys shorter than 6 feet should just commit suicide?"
"Do all your ex-bf look like supermodels?"
"Do you hate introverts?"

and I am guessing chances are she will never say anything that agrees with what you are asking her.
she will not say things that hurts you when you have the courage to ask questions like that
PLUS, you can get to verify if that big self-doubt hurdle in your head is actually real and stopping her from liking you.
If she does indeed hate those qualities then great! Move on and stop dreaming about her.

If not, then Voila! you immediate get a rush of confidence, and just keep pushing questions every now and then, until you know none of your self-perceived inferiority actually matters to her, and she actually has no reason to not like you!

P. S. I don't mean these to be opening lines for strangers, I mean for girls you already know.


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  • I don't think that's good idea... Plus, flirting is forgetting about onerself, not focusing on flaws, so, it's too opposite... You could try, I don't know. :&


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  • I don't know, man. As a guy who's never really had any social anxiety problems talking to women, I don't know how well those questions are going to play out. I think they'd be just as off-putting to a girl as direct pick-up lines.

    Self-deprecation is one thing, but those questions smack of someone being a self-pitying whiner who's looking for compliments.

    Best thing to in my experience is just start a conversation, Ask for an opinion on something, ask a hypothetical question. Shit, ask for fashion advice. Follow it up with something funny. Include others around you in the conversation. Let her get comfortable with you and start to like you first.

    Opening with something like you're suggesting is a turn off and leaves the door wide open to be shot down hard if the person you're talking to isn't in the mood for some whiny douchebag to fish her for compliments.

    Treat women like people first, romantic interests second, and things tend to work out much better, in my experience anyway.

    • well, I was thinking more about inserting those questions here and there during a normal conversation.
      Never meant to say use it as an opening, no.
      And I don't mean it to be this blunt and direct, but just slide it in smoothly here and there.

      Just saying, it seems like a good way to verify whether that disadvantage in your head, which is stopping you from escalating with her, is actually real or not.

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  • Or she could lie or avoid the question because you put her in an uncomfortable position :P


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