Is it better to date in high school or should I just wait?

A lot of girls my age keep getting boyfriends or girlfriends and I'm in the corner. Sometimes I think it has to do with just how I act or maybe how I look. Other times I think that I want to be in a relationship, but that's not how I want to get togther with someone. I'm thinking that maybe I should take more risks with people I find attractive, but I've heard so many different opinions on how dating in high school isn't worth it because people can be immature. I'm in my senior year now and times running out. Should I take a chance and ask someone out that I think I find interesting or should I just wait it out until college when people are more mature?


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  • You only stop beeing immature in relationships if you start to gain some experience. So dating soon its very good to help girls understand more about man and dont be fooled by them.

    It's the same for men.

    So, if you have the wish to be with males, do it.


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  • There is nothing wrong with dating now, if it is for the right reasons. Its more important that you find someone you really like and dont lower standards or settle, but if you find the right person. Also ask yourself why. Be sure its not just because other people your age are. If you haven't found someone special than you are wasting your time

  • Wait on it. Focus on your education first.


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