Girls, do I stand a chance with older girls?

I'm 18, and will study comp sci in CSUEB in the fall. I met some nice girls in hs who were older than me (by 1-3 years). once I meet upperclasswomen in college, how do I become friends with them or form relationships with them? I don't smoke or drink. I party rarely only to hang with/make friends). I work very hard and enjoy travel. enjoy basketball and will try martial arts, video games, technology, action, superhero, and comedy movies, and I listen to all kinds of music, whether it be Jay Z, or even popular songs. I am always up for fun, am loyal, always smile, compliment, may put arm around you/hug/kiss you (once we're close)
But, I am socially awkward and shy (once we become good friends/you get to know me, I won't shut up). I'm 160 lbs, Indian, 5foot 8, not too physically strong/muscular, am not too funny (may make a small joke here and there), not really competitive (if another guy talks to you, I may let him have you), and am quite of a pushover.

would anyone 19 or above (but below 25) date me?

Girls, do i stand a chance with older girls?


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  • You're alright. However, I believe that you need to change your dressing style.

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