How do I make a move, but not be embarrassed if it fails?

I hang out with this guy everyday. We have never called it a date, but we love being around each other, and we talk frequently. Tommorow we are going to a fair, how can I make a move since he hasn't. I'm talking holding hands or hugging that's it! I just want to "break the touch barrier" I feel like everything will fall into place if we do!


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  • Just ask for a hug if you're leaving at the end of the 'date'/hangout thing :)
    Then the next time you can give each other a hug when you see him at the beginning of the date and then you should've broken the touch barrier :) and then you can build the 'touching' up.
    Think big, start small.

    • I feel like it's weird to do that because that isn't what we have been doing... .

    • There once has to be a change.
      At first it WILL feel weird, but after a few times, it will feel normal and nice. Think of the positive outcomes :)

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  • Treat it as a part of the life-experience you gain. Even if you fail, so what? They say that it is better to regret the things we do rather than the things we don't. Take a chance.

    • Okay well done just look at him a nd say are we just friends or what?

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  • How about changing from "talk" , upping it a notch to "flirt"?


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