Is this online relationship a good idea?

I started talking to this guy on tinder I am 17 and he is 16. We ended up talking for a very long time and so far we have been talking about 9 months and developed a very deep connection, we are planning to meet up soon. The only thing I wonder is if he will be loyal to me because I noticed he still uses tinder and my friend and I set up a fake account and he flirted with it when we flirted to him. He told it that when he gets a girlfriend he is loyal. I don't actually qualify as a girlfriend yet but I've been wondering whether it's worth meeting a guy like that, or if I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.


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  • To be honest with you online relationships are not worth it.


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  • I just feel like whatever you're thinking right now you can't be sure until you meet him. Because if you Stay stuck on your bad feelings about this situation and decide that he's not worth it, Im pretty sure you'll someday ask yourself" what if?". You might be wrong but you should give it a shot and meet up with him you probably be able to see if its worth it or not.


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  • 9 months wasted how can be people so stupid oh ghoshhhhh poor earth. It's 100000x better to go out, meet real people and so on.

    Tinder is waste of time like cellphone is.


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