Guys do you always ask to be exclusive?

Do you always ask to be exclusive and are not exclusive before asking or do you just let the relationship progress on its own?


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  • I have no interest in pursuing a relationship if both of us aren't going to be exclusive.

    • So then you ask to make it clear?

    • I actually make it clear in the beginning itself that I'm only interested in committed monogamous relationships, and am not looking for short term 'fun'. Or rather, I used to. It's been over 5 years since I have dated now, so I don't know if it would be appropriate with the current dating scene.

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  • It depends on the guy.


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  • I come on to strong for girls my age so I just don't deal with them anymore I hope to find a mature woman and not one that claims to be mature

  • I only expect it if the woman does and they always have. I'd be quite happy to be non exclusive myself.

    I also take exclusivity seriously and don't flirt or or do anything encourage other women when I'm with someone.


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