I am crazy for this girl, but it looks like she doesn't feel the same way, is it time to give up?

I met this girl a couple of weeks ago at work, she was pretty friendly with me, so i asked her number since then everything dropped from there.

I tried to text her and call her, but she did not like it. I tried to ask her what happened and she told me that she only wanted us to talk only at work and no texting, calling or talking outside of work. She also told me she had a boyfriend but i think she is lying; he has never come up on any conversations and i haven't seen any pictures with a guy either.

Anyhow at this point, what should i do? Should i just give up? Or give her some space and maybe down the line she will change her mind about me?


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  • I really think you should give up.

    She's showing that she is clearly not interested.

    Although one may ask,
    Why did she give her number in the first place if she didn't want you to use it.

    I would still continue greeting her at work.
    I would have brief conversations with her (so the work atmosphere doesn't get uncomfortable).
    But I would not be trying to pursue her in any way or show interest.


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  • Move on. She probably only see's you as a co-worker


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  • She was being friendly and polite. So I'd say forget about it, or else it might turn into having ur heart broken

  • For your own sake move on. It will only cause you heart ache in the end to do otherwise.

  • She isn't interested.

    Move on. Onto the next :)

  • Give her some space then maybe you can try talking to her again at a later date. Try not to be too persistent. If she doest text you back don't text her again just talk to her at work for now and see how things go


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