Ex boyfriend, should I move to Switzerland with him?

I'm laying out the facts to get honest opinions, because I want to move with him but my family don't seem supportive. I had a 1 1/2 year long distance relationship with a great guy, lets call him tommy. I only saw him when we first met in Mississippi (I met him and dated for a week) and then we went on a week vacation together a year later. I cheated on him b/c of the long distance ONCE, and then I broke up with him for long distance. I dated someone afterwards for 2 years and broke up. When tommy asked me to go back on vacation I said yes. We decided to go as friends b/c we were dating prospective partners. But we reconnected and we spoke about me moving to his apartment in Switzerland. What should I do? I really enjoy the time we actually spend together even though it's long distance. I think if I move, our biggest issue will go away. I'm 24 with a bachlors degree, even though I haven't used it yet I think I can get a job there, and he will house me in the mean time.


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  • To move away for someone you've only seen in person a couple weeks total, from friends and family doesn't seem wise.


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  • Which canton? Do you speak German or French? Is he a Swiss citizen? Each canton has different laws regarding citizenship and working Visa's.

    I would highly suggest a long visit with him in Switzerland before you move. Especially if you have never been there. Chances are you will not be able to get work unless he is a citizen and you guys are engaged. He will have his whole life and you will only have him. That puts a strain on the relationship. Of all the countries I've visited Switzerlabd was the one where English was the least widely spoken. The German is also VERY different from the High German spoken in Berlin.

    • He's only there temporarily (he travels a lot), he's actually french and we'd be moving to france permanently together after a while too. I only speak English.

    • so you think it's a good idea as long as im able to get employment? From what I read online it's a bit difficult to get a work visa in france, but not impossible.

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