What is this guys thoughts on me?

I've known this guy for about a year. The day we laid eyes on eachother we started flirting. I thought he was really cute. Here's he twist- he's my best friends brother... Gotta be careful I know!

We've talked all summer back and forth daily and, finally, hooked up once. It was awesome! He said he's been waiting so long for it and I had to. 2 weeks later still texting back and forth apparently he has a girlfriend whom he introduced to everyone but me. 3 months later, still flirting all the time, stil no mention of the girlfriend from him to me, we constantly text and bout he deepest of things and everhthjng and anything. He's invited me to his parties and to his beachouse and everything. When usually I get invited from his sister... He made the relationship FB official 2 weeks ago and stil zero mention personally to me- despite the instant replies- as if she isn't there. I'm not sure if the flirting and everhthjng is an act. But I do know that he isn't a player. He asks if I've 'had fun' with any guys or if there anyone in my life, and if there is that he knows them and nothing serious happens. Or he tries to make me feel awkward about my life in general- like his way of teasing me besides the cheeky convos we have.

a few weeks ago, we had this moment when I was saying goodbye to him at the door, and we had the silent moment. We looked into eachothers eyes but didn't say anything. It was like he caught my eye and we just gazed at eachother like we wanted more but we couldn't. It was a moment like in the movies. He leaned in and so did I, until I realized he's taken so we had an abnormally long hug. I like him, I'm pretty sure he likes me- so why is he dating this chick who is exactly like me just shyer and clinger than me?

What does he want from me: what's his plan? #confused


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  • He has no plan. Maybe in the back of his mind, he thinks you are a potential girl but right now he's just enjoying the scenery.

    • Hahahah I probably agree with that. But I've hooked up with him before and had one romantic night with him before his girlfriend came into the scene...
      So what do I do? If I'm there all the time staying the night and we flirt and he gets up close to me once his chick leaves and barely takes his eyes off me... What am I meant to do? I'm so confused.

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  • If I were you, I'd get out of that fast. I'm assuming you don't want him to be with the girl he's dating at the moment and you want him to be with you? Maybe talk to him and ask him what his plan is with you. You'll know what to do once you talk to him about it.

    • I just don't know how to ask... I have 2 events/parties for him and his sister this week and well yea. The other thing- he hasn't seen his girlfriend in 2 months bc he's been overseas where I've also been and only recently got back. So it's like ok dude what u getting at. All his mates know of me. And I don't know I don't wanna loose him as a friend or as anything. He means a lot to me even if j have feelings for him! I stay at his/ Their house a lot bc well yea. I don't know help? Please. ? Greatly appreciated

    • I think maybe start by asking him what's going on between him and his girlfriend and then go from there. I think if you keep your feelings hidden it's just going to be worse in the long run.

    • He said something very interesting the other day- that he likes girls that are honest. I'm not sure if that was a shot at me or just a comment bc I never told him how I felt after that night bc j was to nervous and scared too and nkw I've mucked up

  • Was he dating her for a long time before you hooked up? Without telling you about her?

    • He Defs wasn't dating before we hooked up. He started dating her properly (whatever that is) 2 months after. She's some random from some other city below his usual bar standard of girls that goes to his uni (if u know what I mean)

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    • Told u jitters get me ^^ hahaha

    • He told me something really interesting the other day in the middle of a "have u done it lately" convo.. But he said he likes girls that are honest. Not sure if he directed it at me or it was s general statement but I feel like it was gunfired at me. I feel like I've mucked up somewhere but I don't know where.. I need to fix it

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