How long does it take to get over the fact that your boyfriend cheated?

Three months ago I made a terrible discovery. My boyfriend was cheating but on me, he had been flirting with a girl for almost 4 months and then they went out and make out, my boyfriend tried to keep a informal relationship with her. Unlucky for him, it's a pretty small world and though I asked him and he denied it with his heart, at the end I had proof and a broken heart.

i decided to give him a second chance. Not because what he did was insignificant for me, but because I truly love him and want him in my life. Now, three months later I've been struggling with the fact of getting over it. I remember when we go out on a date and always end the nights in little sad fights. Any advice for getting over it? I'm tired and don't wanna ruin my relationship


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  • if someone cheats and you have proof... leave them, you're better than settling for someone who doesn't give a fuck.

    but to answer you, some people never do... it breaks relationships as it destroys all trust


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  • Some people never get over the cheating.

    Whether someone decides to leave the very day the found out the information or months-years after (the relationship at that point is already damaged... although you physically stayed there longer).

    If you want to get over his cheating... you have to put the past in the past.
    You have to allow him opportunity to change and be better for the both of you.
    If you're constantly looking back at what happened before, you'll never get over it.

    If you can't put his cheating behind you... then your relationship is pretty much ruined (although you are still physically there).


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  • If you do get over it please share with me how. My boyfriend cheated on me but I gave him a second chance but I noticed that I can't keep it behind us. Like it's become a recurring argument because what's a relationship without trust.

  • You have to make the decision to move past it or move on to someone else and stick to it. If you decide to stay then you have to quit bringing it up. When you feel the urge arise ignore it. If he is a cheater you'll most likely catch him again, if it truly was a one time thing then you risk ruining the relationship. But in my experience if he was okay with cheating on you with this girl more than once it is likely he'll have no problem with doing it again with someone else. Especially boys in your age group.


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