She rejected me but why she doing this?

She reected me... and then we stopped talking... but now she trying to make me jealous... she talking to a guy she hates... she only talk to him if i watching them... i dont go on whatsapp because now i am using wechat and talking to a another girl... she knows that... now she install wechat... and she daily read my whatsapp status and watch my dp coz sometimes i get miss call on my watsapp from her whatsapp... when i ask she tell by mistake...
Please tell me what she want


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  • Are you looking for a woman? or a little girl?

    This little girl is playing games.

    Last time I checked, games were for children.

    I think you should move on!


Most Helpful Guy

  • She just wants to mess up your mind further. IGNORE her entirely.


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  • She rejected you because you can't speak English.


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