Way to find out if a girl has a boyfriend without actually asking?

to avoid on the spot awkwardness and to know if approaching her is even an option


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  • there is no way but to ask her or her friends.


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  • Start getting to know her, then start asking her about what she did last weekend, etc.

    Most people with significant others will bring them up at this point.

    Or, perhaps you get some news that another couple you know just got engaged, you can make a joke about how all couples you know are getting married, isn't that annoying? And at this point she will say something like, "yea, me and my boyfriend are so far off from that" or "yea, where are all the single people going"

    And probably you can pick up context clues from there.

    Or, ya know, get to know her and ask her out, without knowing if she has a boyfriend. If she says yes, then you're good to go!


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