Crazy about each other, she's afraid her family won't accept me due to different religious sect. Is it over, or do I fight? How?

Met an amazing woman online and we both hit it off instantly. A few months later we're crazy about each other, until she calls me crying to say she doesn't think her family will accept me because I'm from a different religious sect, and that we should end things now vs later down the line when we can get hurt more. I told her I could convince them, and that just as any relationship we'll face certain challenges through which I'd be right by her side fighting for and protecting her. Now she says she's confused, feels a lot of pressure and needs time to think. That was last week. I text her randomly a few days ago to see how she was doing but haven't heard back. Is it over, or do I fight for her? How? I refuse to let this end over external pressure, but how do I ask/know if she's in it with me?
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Text her Happy Birthday. No response. Either she's still thinking or it's over.

What do I do? HELP!


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  • You should fight for her.

    • How? It's been a week since we last spoke (still no response to my last text), and I don't want to pressure her or drive her away even further. Do I just wait?

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  • Fight for her the best u can. She's probably confused because her parents are telling her all these things to try and convince her not to be with u. If u were crazy about each other then tell her 'do u remember when' or something that links back to a good time with each other.


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  • Just change religions or something like that.


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