How do you know if you man is cheating?

im just curious i trust my man and i believe in him. just curiosity.


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  • Its difficult to know , unless his behavior or daily routine changes and it has a tit of secrecy.
    good signs he is cheating
    you catch in bed with her
    you come home and she's taking a shower at your place.
    or calls your place and asks if your boyfriend is free tonight

    Its difficult if he's a pro at cheating , I never did as I would have been too obvious ,


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  • There's no definite way. I mean, for me, I knew my boyfriend was cheating when I opened my computer, his facebook was open and a message from a girl came up saying that the lovebite he'd given her was in too obvious a place :P I'd had my suspicions beforehand but I dunno, sometimes they just don't look at you the same way, or they're jumpy or they avoid answering a question dead on. It's about your gut instinct and some signs that can be really subtle.

    • my fiancee and i have an honest relationship. a few time he will flirt text women and he will give me his phone to see what he texted and i sometime impersonate him and text the girls with his knowledge. there is a girl he's been seeing and i got jealous because her family thinks he's her boyfriend and that bothered me, so i confronted him about it and asked how far they have gone he said he kissed her and i took it well because honesty is everything to me. i love him for being honest with me but im also a bit doubtful that thats how far he's gone. but i believe that i trust him.

    • Honestly, I wouldn't have even said that was being honest. He only talked about it when you asked him about it, if he was really honest, wouldn't he have told you about it when it happened?

    • i understand what you mean but there were times before that when i dont have to ask anything and he will tell me.

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  • There's no fool-proof method of knowing if someone is cheating without actually catching them doing deceitful. Just look for different signs and behavior changes, increased secrecy/privacy, etc.


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  • obviously there's something cause he kissed her so he's interested in her, the fact that you mentioned her fam thought that was her boyfriend shows that he goes to her house?


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